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"I purchased a soda vending machine from you and I’m back to purchase a popcorn machine and some popcorn to pop. My vending machine is still in perfect working condition outside of my business and I want to get a popcorn machine for my basement. I will definitely be back for future purchases! I wish all businesses could give the customer service you guys provide."

Robert O.,
Oxnard, California

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Commercial Cotton Candy Machines Without Ribbons

The Paragon Classic Floss 5 cotton candy machine maker w/aluminum metal bowl is a easy-to-use machine that has a complete new high-performance head design that produces cotton candy continuously and smoothly (200 cones per hour).

Paragon Spin Magic 5 Cotton Candy Machine Maker W/Plastic Bowl 7105300. Spin delicious cotton candy with this easy to use cotton candy machine.

Paragon Spin Magic 5 Cotton Candy Machine Maker W/Aluminum Metal Bowl 7105200. Featuring an extremely durable tubular heating element and spinning head that can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Gold Medal Breeze Cotton Candy Machine. A successful re-introduction of the tubular heating element floss machine Gold Medal made back in the 60's.

Gold Medal Mega Breeze Cotton Candy Machine. Like the #3016 Mega Floss , the #3042 Mega Breeze features a 7" diameter head with the equivalent of a "single ribbon" tubular heating element. The Mega Breeze produces about 30% more than the 5" Breeze.

Gold Medal Accu Breeze Cotton Candy Machine. The Gold Medal engineering department has developed a cotton candy machine with no dials to turn and no heat to adjust. Accu Electronic controls assure consistent electrical voltage.

Gold Medal Auto Breeze Cotton Candy Machine. A large tubular heat element allows this model to produce twice the cotton candy as the regular Breeze. Accu control perfectly adjusts the voltage for perfect results.

Gold Medal Super Breeze Cotton Candy Machine. This machine will work great for those who make 2 or 3 color cotton candy in a larger environment like a midway or concession trailer.

Gold Medal Super Floss Cotton Candy Machine. The world's first 8" diameter floss head!

This is just a start of some of the items we carry. If there’s an item you can’t find email us and ask us if we carry it.
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