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"I purchased a soda vending machine from you and I’m back to purchase a popcorn machine and some popcorn to pop. My vending machine is still in perfect working condition outside of my business and I want to get a popcorn machine for my basement. I will definitely be back for future purchases! I wish all businesses could give the customer service you guys provide."

Robert O.,
Oxnard, California

Gold Medal Deluxe Whirlwind with EMS Cotton Candy Machine

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    Gold Medal Deluxe Whirlwind Cotton Candy Machine with EMS. This is a great machine for making 3 floss colors. It has a fixed transformer and a variable heat control which will allow you to boost and buck line voltage to exactly what you need for optimal output. The heat control is a solid state, electronic control, which makes it easy to read and set. The EMS (Energy Management System) will allow you to set the heat at a constant level, even if line voltage changes. It has a 1/3 HP sealed ball-bearing motor that runs at 3415 RPM. 3300 watts, 25 Amps, 120 volts, 60 Hz.

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